i use two web browsers

Firefox for school work, email and general use

Chrome for when…. you know


Why would you use the browser that tracks you the most when watching porn?


i was at mcdonalds and this kid dropped his chocolate milk, began to cry, and his dad got up, said “this some instagram shit” and starte taking pictures and i cant breath


Lol my boyfriends mad at me and I don’t even know why. This is coool

Maybe cause you stay being sick for ages just go to school bitch

Sits down with dad who is watching transformers for the first time….

sits through one hour of listening to him complaining about how bad it is.. and that if he had payed to watch it he would have killed himself.

finally… something like 16 hours until i leave to dr.

I’m looking forward to this vacation soo much.. mainly since i haven’t spent christmas there for 8 year.. but in addition to that because i’m tired of everything lately and everyone. no offense to my good friends. but yeah, its all just a buncha bullshit. And i wasted my time chasing some total hypocrite. But whatever. I guess that’s what i deserve lol. its so stupid… anyways happy holidays to everyone and happy new years.

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